We are the LINQS Statistical Relational Learning Group led by Dr. Lise Getoor. Our group develops tools to solve large, structured, and heterogeneous problems.

We focus on statistical relational learning, probabilistic reasoning and scalable inference, and their applications to problems in computational social science, knowledge discovery, data mining, and computational biology. On the theoretical side, we introduce new theory and algorithms for efficient reasoning, learning, and inference. On the practical side, we apply our methods on a range of applications including user modelling, explainable recommender systems, and social good.

Following the tradition of Lise’s PhD advisor Daphne Koller, whose research group is DAGS for Daphne’s Approximate Group of Students, and Lise’s MS advisor Stuart Russell, whose research group is RUGS for Russell’s Unusual Group of Students, and his advisor’s Michael Genesereth’s group MVGS, for Mike’s Unusual Group of Students, Lise’s group is (Lise’s INQuisitive Students).